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Mir fehlen die Worte...

... hier ist der gesamte Artikel, der mich so sprachlos macht (aber dennoch lachen läßt):


by Russ McGlenn

The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7

This is a list of questions kids have asked in our brain storming sessions for science fair topics. These are the raw questions as I have not had time to clean them up or rephrase them in a statement for a hypothesis.

We need to train our students and ourselves to ask the right questions.

Evolutionists ask this question:
How can I prove that evolution is true (and God does not exist). [Emphasize mine] This may not be stated in this way, but is inferred by their writings. Darwin and others have said that if evolution is true, there is no need for God.

Creation scientists need to ask this question:
What can I learn about myself, God, and God's plan for the universe as I study His creation today. I believe true science is a way to learn more about God and ourselves. It is a living class room in which God is the Instructor and we the students. Jesus used common things in nature to illustrate his principles as he taught.


Let us challenge our students to worship and serve the Creator and to use the creation to proclaim God's Glory. Romans 1.

1. A virus can mutate (alter) the DNA code of the host cell and reproduce a new species. Does this prove evolution by mutation is true or does it show adaptation (variety) within a species?
2. How many shades of skin color are there? Use a paint scanner to test 100 people.
3. Make a computer model of the Flood currents.
4. Statistical occurrence of giants, and midgets and dwarfs and giantism. Use Princess Flo, Goliath, and brothers.
5. What can we learn from the Amish blood disease and sixth finger? Compare this to the half Jewish Samaritans. (Bob Helfinstine may have info on this).
6. Build and run studies on a strata forming wave tank. This would confirm or disprove strata are all laid down at the same time. See and video tape Evidences: The Record & the Flood from Geoscience Research .
7. Does Tanning leather affect C14 content and date?
8. How much voltage or current can a human take before he is killed? Could do experiments on a plant.
9. How much electricity does an eel put out?
10. What was life like before the Flood?
11. Make an experiment to show how Boyle's law applies to nebula.
12. Trilobites prove Noah's flood because they are curled up or not?
13. Do Lilydale closed clam fossils support a world wide flood? Collect 100 shells and compare.
14. Can salt water and fresh water fish live in the same water or not?
15. How long can flies survive freezing in a frig?
16. How can you tell if animals are color blind?
17. Does geography affect health?
18. Is intelligence influenced by physical attributes. i.e. are blondes "dumb" or does skin color influence intelligence?
19. Can a dog run a maze faster than a gerbil?
20. Why do we have allergies?
21. Does a bad mood spread?
22. Could a person function without thumbs? or What would it be like to not have thumbs?
23. Why do we have an Adams apple?
24. Why do we feel cold when it is 30 degrees in the Fall but in the February 30 degrees seems warm?
25. Does weather affect attitudes?
26. Is energy ever destroyed or created?
27. What happens to garbage in a land fill?
28. What makes an animal wild?
29. Why do some foods give you a stomach ache?
30. Why does the ocean appear blue but when it is in a bucket it is clear?
31. Why is the sky blue by day and black at night?
32. Why do we hiccup?
33. Why is hair thicker on the head than the rest of the body?
34. What are freckles and why do we have them?
35. Why does the Bible say there is one glory of the sun, one glory of the moon, and one glory of the stars?
36. Why is snow 6 sided?
37. Why does liquid water turn to a solid at 32 degrees F.?
38. Why can't we see air?
39. Why does hair turn gray when we age?
40. Does sea currents affect climate?
41. Is everything, including non-living things, made of cells?
43. Does commercial feed, corn and grits, or range feed, increase egg production in chickens? What about other animals and feeds?
44. Why do trees have leaves?
45. How high can a model rocket fly?
46. Where are teeth stored?
47. What is the best way to care for teeth?
48. Is there a way for humans to get to Jupiter? Mars? etc.
49. How does friction work?
50. Why is blood blue in our veins but turns red when we are cut? If we are cut in a vacuum would the blood stay blue?
51. Why do we have finger nails?
52. What was the weather like before the Flood?
53. Were all the animals friendly to man before the Flood? Idea: raise several baby animals like snake and mouse together to see if they remain friends as they are older.
54. Why do they live longer before the Flood?
55. Why do only mammals have hair?
56. Why do plants and insects die in the Fall?
57. Why is chlorophyll green?
58. Why did God create the moon to control the tides?
59. What is color?
60. What is heat?
61. What is light? Do Young's light experiments of 1800 which proves light is a wave. (see Space Medium, Barnes, 1986. p.126)
62. Why do plants give us oxygen?
63. What is electricity?
64. Why do we sleep at night? Do we have to sleep to rejuvenate the rods and cones in the eye?
65. What affects skin color? Is one color better than another? What was God's purpose in this?
66. What color is our brain?
67. What is the fastest speed something can go?
68. Why is a dogs nose wet?
69. Why do cats always land on there feet when they fall? Do other animals do this?
70. How do mice react after 24 hours of confinement? What about other animals?
71. How does soap clean?
72. What is God made of?
73. How does water turn into clouds?
74. What happens to eyes so you need glasses? Did God design them poorly?
75. What is plastic made out of?
76. Why do some people get allergic reactions?
77. How do we get headaches?
78. What is rubber made out of?
79. What are bones made out of?
80. Why did God make pests like bugs and mosquitoes?
81. Why are there joints and cracks in the earth's crust?
82. Why do our joints crack?
83. Why do people believe in Evolution?
84. What events caused them to become evolutionists?
85. How does a computer chip work?
86. How is a tooth cavity formed?
87. How does Novocain work?
88. How does glue stick?
89. Is posture related to digestion? Greeks lay down to eat, we sit up.
90. Why do we experience a feeling of fear? What makes this in our body?
91. Why do we need to eat?
92. Why do some animals lay eggs and others bear babies alive? Why did God do it this way?
93. Why do people eat and drink allot when they are depressed?
94. Why does ocean air seem "fresher" than city or "land" air?
95. Are humans mammals? We thought they were made in God's image and not related to animals.
96. Does morning, night, or the Sun control how tired we are?
97. Why did God make birds to fly?
98. Were dinosaurs alive at the same time as humans?
99. Does a mare in foal become more ornery than one not?
100.What does an Adam's apple do on our throat?
101.If there were aliens, why would they visit humans?
102.Why do we have pimples? Did God goof?
103.Where was the Garden of Eden? Is it around today?
104.Why do cats hate dogs and dogs hate cats?
105.What are aliens and are there really any in our world? see Lamentations 5:2, Eph 2:12, Heb 11:34.
106.Can plants affect your growth?
107.How does pencil lead stay on paper?
108.Why does our skin wrinkle?
109. Why does earth (dirt) crumble in your hand but is hard when you walk on it?
110. Why does lead melt at a low temperature?
111. Why are clouds white?
112. What is the difference between cold and warm blooded? Why did God do it this way?
113. How can we have hot and cold water in the ocean at the same time?
114. What shape is outer space?

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